HRU Feedback (2022-01-30)

We need fixed-odds wagering

It’s 2022 and racing odds are still changing constantly. Why can’t we have fixed odds like sports betting? If I could get fixed odds I would bet way more. I am a value bettor. When I see what I perceive to be value I will bet on that horse. Unfortunately, many times I place a bet with less than a minute left, I see my value go down the tubes.

Examples of some wagers I have placed: 10-,1 final odds 5-1; 5-2, final odds 6-5; 8-1, final odds 3-1.

I could go on and on. The fact of the matter is this happens at Meadowlands and Woodbine/Mohawk.

The handle at these tracks are significant so it has to be syndicates taking down the odds.

I am getting to the point that I am losing interest because of this. There is nothing wrong with odds changing, there just has to be a way to lock in your bet like sports betting. You can imagine how frustrating it is to think I have 10-1 only to find my odds are 5-1. Even worse is a horse I think is a value bet at 5-2 and his odds go down to 6-5. This is a horse I wouldn’t bet at 6-5 so I am really upset at this. Sometimes I can cancel a wager if I can catch it, but many times I can’t. Give the bettor what he wants.

Mike Kozuchowski / Elmhurst, IL


Thoughts on Yonkers

I read with interest (Jan. 22’s) lead story about Yonkers having canceled two days of racing due to cold weather and the track issues (full story here).

I agree that Joe Faraldo points out that the management of the casino-racetrack only cares about the casino and not the racing product. This is a problem at many tracks that are owned by casino companies. As he mentioned in the article, there are several harness tracks that operate regularly in the winter months but only cancel race cards if it’s due to bad snow or ice storms in their area. Cold weather usually does not stop them. However, I am sure that the other tracks keep their track maintenance crew on duty even on non-racing days to keep the track surface ready for racing. With freeze and thaw issues it is important to have people available to work on the track as needed to try and keep it ready as possible for the next racing or training or qualifying use.

Besides the actual track surface issues, I also agree that Yonkers is not fan friendly to on-track patrons. I usually do not attend their races on track, but on the few times I have gone there, they don’t seem to care about good service. It was hard to even find out where to buy a program. When I decided to watch the races from inside the grandstand on the simulcast level they did not even have the PA system on so I could hear the call of the live race. I feel the state racing and casino regulators are partially to blame for these issues as well. Yonkers and all the other racetracks got their casino licenses to help maintain and improve their racing product. It looks like the companies that own these facilities forgot that part of their license to race and run a casino. However, the state regulating agencies also need to do their part to make sure that a reasonable effort is made to promote and provide good services to get and keep on track attendance and wagering at a reasonable level. I know the days of on track attendance being a large part of the racing operation will never be as it was prior to casino operations. However, it still is in the track operator and states interest to try and maximize their on track business since the revenue generated is more beneficial to both parties.

John Chambers / Lansdowne, PA