How much did you bet today?

Bet On Harness

How much did you bet today?

If you’re like all of us at Harness Racing Update, you love harness racing and want it to thrive.

If you have the means, the best way to do that is simple:

Bet on it and encourage others to do so.


Betting handle drives purses…

Purses pay the many people that rely on the sport for a living – caretakers, trainers, drivers, farriers, shippers, equipment makers, racetrack employees and on and on…

Higher purses drive investment in horses and breeding…

But, most importantly…

The higher the betting handle, the less reliant the industry will be on government funds or casino revenue, which are two sources of funding that lack a predictable future.

The more money bet directly on harness racing, the more self-sufficient the sport will be and the better able it will be to grow and thrive.

So, if you can, please bet on harness racing at your local track and encourage others to do the same.

Perhaps even share the hashtag #BetOnHarness on social media every time you post about the sport.

Our future depends on it.