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HRU current rate sheet with discount tiers.

Ad Specs

Required ad formats and sizes for publication.

Ad Specs

All advertising prices are based on advertisers providing the correctly sized and formatted ads.
Unless arrangements have been made, the following are HRU ad requirements.

Full page ads:

  • PDF format
  • File size of 1 MB or less
  • Trim size (no bleed, crop marks or blank space border)
  • RGB format (no CMYK)
  • If the ad is created in InDesign, export with Acrobat 4 compatibility to sRGB output

All other ads:

  • JPG format is the preferred file format for any ad that is not full page
    (we can work with other file types but additional fees may be involved to convert your ads to JPG for our production platform)
  • 300 DPI is the preferred resolution to allow the most flexibility
  • 200 DPI is acceptable for online-only editions (not for printed sales editions)
  • Trim size (no bleed, crop marks or blank space border)
  • RGB format (no CMYK)

Ad size quick reference:

Ad TypeImage size in inches
(w x h)
Image size in pixels
@300 DPI (w x h)
Full Page8.5 x 112550 x 3300
Half Page Vertical3.65 x 9.51095 x 2850
Half Page Horizontal7.5 x 4.752250 x 1425
Quarter Page Vertical3.65 x 4.51095 x 1350
Quarter Page Horizontal7.5 x 2.52250 x 750
Eighth Page Vertical3.65 x 2.251095 x 675
Eighth Page Horizontal7.5 x 12250 x 300
Masthead5 x 1.251500 x 375
Email Banner6 x 1.5600 x 150 (100 DPI)
Website Half Banner5.5 x 2550 x 200 (100 DPI)
Website Full Banner11 x 21100 x 200 (100 DPI)

We do offer custom advertising layout and graphic design services in addition to our published advertising rates. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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