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We are a little farm in Hell, Michigan but It is always nice to dream big.

Marion Davis had this and named it the Sulky Farm - Paul Russell was always here in spare time helping Harold & Marion Davis. in 1999 we were left this farm. Our daughter Ann Russell, & granddaughters Erin & Raychel Spychala sis into the racing. Paul is still helping out.

Keep up the good job.
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I love The Red Mile in Lexington, KY ! I've been going there with family and friends for years. Its ...always a great place to meet folks and reconnect with others who continue with the love of harness racing! See More
Good luck with your page hope to be back racing soon.,with visiting Ireland and wales as well as can...ada one door close.s another one never know where fate or destiny may lead us. See More
Welcome to HRU

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