Swedish cold-blooded champion Manprinsen A.M. is dead

by Thomas Hedlund

Swedish col- blooded trotter Månprinsen A.M. died on Thursday (Dec. 17) and the fans of Swedish harness racing have been in grief.

This pandemic year has proven to be especially difficult for fans of cold-blooded trotters in Northern Europe.

Järvsöfaks, probably the best trotter in history of the race, died this fall (full story here) and on Friday night (Dec. 18), rumors were spreading that 13-year-old Månprinsen A.M. had died.

Månprinsen A.M. won 71 races in 117 attempts and earned approximately $1,138,000. His record 2:07.2 was set at Åby racetrack in August 2018.

The charismatic trotter had undergone a transformation in his mood during the last year-and-a-half, according to co-owner Anna-Maria Öberg. When Månprinsen A.M. recently began to attack her and trainer Gunnar Melander, the situation with the horse became dangerous.

“Månprinsen A.M. was dangerous to himself and others around him at the end and we had no other options than to make this terrible decision,” said Anna-Maria Öberg on Swedish television on Saturday afternoon (Dec. 19).

Gunnar Melander, 73, trained Månprinsen A.M. throughout the horse’s entire career.