Legendary cold blooded trotter Järvsöfaks is dead

by Thomas Hedlund

Järvsöfaks, considered, by many fans, to be the best cold blooded trotter in the world, died Monday (Oct. 19) in his hometown of Hudiksvall, Sweden at the age of 26.

The Swedish bred horse had an amazing career at the tracks in northern Europe.

Järvsöfaks became an icon in Swedish harness racing, which is quite an achievement for a cold blooded trotter.

Three times he was named Horse Of The Year in Sweden and 12 occasions (1998-2009) he claimed the title of Cold-Blooded Trotter of the Year.

Jan-Olov Persson was the trainer and driver behind the charismatic trotter throughout all the years Järvsöfaks competed and together they experienced a magical harness racing moment in Gävle in July 2005 when Järvsöfaks became the first cold-blooded trotter to race below a 1.18,0 mark. His 1.17,9 over the approximate mile is equal as a mile rate of 2:05.2, which still is a record for the sport. There are many drivers from all over the world that has been given the opportunity to drive a cold-blooded trotter, including during World Drivers Championship tournaments in the northern European countries, so a few American drivers can understand the contribution Järvsöfaks has made to his breed.

A champion trotter who collected almost $2,415,000 in earnings is now the new king in heaven.

Järvsöfaks, born 1994

234 starts, 201 victories and $2,413,414 in earnings.

50 offspring that earned more than $113,366 (approximately 1,000,000 SEK) and his best offspring, Hallsta Lotus, won 75 races in 195 starts and earned $1,135,500 in his career.