Thanks to Waters

HRU Feedback (2020-07-19)

July 19, 2020

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Brown responds to Waters

To William Waters,

Thank you for the most kind and encouraging words in your letter to the editor of last week (2020-07-12 Feedback).

It has been such a great privilege to work with the wonderful people about whom I’ve written.

You are so right about Herve. He was a great friend and my first idol. I grew up with and around him.

I actually have written about him early in my writing career with HRU (full story here).

If I were younger and more ambitious, I would write that very much needed book on Herve and the Filion family. I’m just not up to it.(How about it Dave Briggs or Charlie Leerhsen?)

Right now, many of those who knew him are still around, but they are dying off, far too quickly.

If there was someone who was willing to take up this much needed task, I’d be glad to help if I could.

—The Curmudgeon

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