Dr. J’s career change is great for women in the sport

I read with interest that Dr. J is leaving Hanover to consult. Good for her! Hanover’s loss is a huge gain for the broader industry influence of an under-developed resource in harness racing’s struggle for present relevancy: women in positions of power.

Harness racing has been dominated by grey hair and testosterone forever. Society at large is opening to refreshing inputs from women. Sports, academia, business, etc. have discovered the upgrade. Harness racing needs to refresh its top line decision-making base too. Dr. Moira Gunn trail blazed when women at that level of responsibility were largely unheard of. Hopefully, Dr. J smashes her way through harness racing’s glass ceiling to unlimited elevations. Hopefully, the flood gates open and other women follow.

Testosterone and grey hair have their place, but as Steve Warrington sings: “Second right there,” pun intended. And if you haven’t heard this classic, Google it.

Dr. John Hayes / Grimsby, ON