A tale of two catalog pages

A tale of two catalog pages

September 4, 2022

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by Trey Nosrac

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.

Each page in a yearling sales catalog tells a story, a true story, a story of interest, and, unfortunately, a somewhat short story. We love these stories and appreciate they are set down and shared through the ages.

Paper catalogs are great. However, space and time limitations on a paper page impede sharing of fuller stories. In a digital world, we no longer need to abridge, edit, or condense the stories to fit on a single page. Many of us still harbor unease with the development of alternate information-sharing methods. But time marches on, and paper will soon be passe.

Stories of yearlings and their families are necessary for customers and are fun to read. The sales season whit the release of the catalogs is the most enjoyable part of the year for many. The open question is how we will tell the stories in a digital world where space is not an obstacle.

I prefer to read any story in chronological order, especially a family saga. I enjoy learning about the family members (yearlings) NOT listed on the traditional sales page. I also enjoy discovering minutia. With these thoughts in mind, I redesigned two paragraphs of a page from a recently released catalog. The editing took time. Tracking down the additional data was laborious and required a few phone calls. Accessing the data costs money, as it should because the information has value.

The revised two paragraphs of this story are substantially different than the one a customer will find in their catalog. They are now chronological, more extended, and would push other data from a single printed page. The revised entries include horses that did not race or did not race well. They are simple facts, not fiction or impressions. They use data such as horses that did not qualify for racing, birth order, sales results, veterinarian reports, and exported horses. This little prototype is merely a model. There could be other criteria for longer stories when the end of a page does not exist.

The additional data helps tell a deeper story about the family of one yearling going to market. The updates and additions, all the NEW content, is in italics.


MARIKO HANOVER 2, 1:59.3f, 3, 1:59f, BT 157.2 ($45,141) by Cantab Hall. 2 wins at 2 and 3.

At 2, winner leg Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at Chester, second in the Standardbred Ser, third in leg Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at Pocono. At 3, winner leg of Pennsylvania Stallion at The Meadows, third in a leg of Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at Philadelphia Pocono, The Meadows. From 6 previous foals, dam of 3 winners, 3 in 2:00, including:

LORD OF THE REIGNS (2014) Sales price $12,000. 3, 1:55.2f; BT 1:55f (477,096) (Dejarmbro). 2

wins at 3. At 2 second in Ohio Fair S. at Canfield, Upper Sandusky; third in Ohio State Fair
S., leg Ohio Sires S, at Scioto. At 3, winner Leg of Ohio Sires Ser. at Miami Valley, Scioto.
And a close second in Scarlet &Gray. After winning the first two legs, this horse was eligible for the Sires Stakes Final when injured in June.

Far From A Wish (M) (2015) BT2:00.4 ($9,400) (Wishing Stone). At 2, third in Marion Dancer

Memorial. Sold at auction in the middle of 2yo season. Buyer not involved in racing.

WORTH A WHISPER (2016) Sales price $19,0003, 1:58.1; 1:57.2h;1:56.1h ‘22’, BT 1:56f

($93,594) (Wishing Stone) Broke coffin bone in June of 2yo season. Sixteen wins, 3 thru 6,
second in Ohio Fair S. at Jefferson; third in Ohio Fair S. at Canfield, Massillon. Broke coffin
bone at 4.
 At 5, winner leg of Late Closer at Northville; second in leg Late Closer at
Northville. Lost eye in turnout field at age 5. At 6, the second in a leg of Late Closer at Northville is Final Late Closer at Northville. Currently racing in upper and open class at Saratoga.

Mystery Mission (2017) by Manofmanymissions Sales price $21,000, qualified in 2:07
Take The Fifth
 (2019) Won qualifier at 2 in 59:4. Qualified at 3 in 1:59, ($875) injured.
White Diamoness (2020) (M) sales price $24,000, BT 2:02.2 ‘22’ (Long Tom), now 2, and racing.


MEADOWBRANCH QUIZ 2, Q2;05.4; 3, 1:58.4f ($14,408) by Malabar Man. 2 wins at 3. At 3

Third in leg New Jersey S. – Green Acres at Freehold. From 8 foals, dam of 4 winners,
2 in 2:00, Including:
Dreamlands My Guy (2004) by Muscles Yankee, 2:02.1, BT 2:01.4 ($2,240)

DREAMLANDSBROADWAY (2005) 2, 1:58.1, 3, 1:58f ($31, 442) (Broadway Hall) 3 wins at 2

3. At 2, third in Pennsylvania Sires S. at Pocono. At 3, second in leg Pennsylvania

Sires Stakes at The Meadows.

Hurricane Gina (2007) by S.J Caviar, sold for $17,000

Marcus Hanover (2008) by Yankee Glide, EXPORTED to Europe at 2. Sales price $15,000

MARIKO HANOVER (2009) (M) sales price $9,500, 2, 1:59.3f, 3, 1:59f, BT 157.2 ($45,141) by

Cantab Hall. As above

Miss Knowitall (2012) by Amigo Hall, 2:15.1

My Mission My Way (2013) sales price $5,000 by Manofmanymissions (2:14.2) ($659)

PM DIESEL RYTHM(2015)2, 2:04.2h ($10,874) (My MVP), 3 wins at 2. At 2, winner Ohio s

Berea, Croton London, second Ohio Fair at Marion, third in at Mt Gilead

Imagine a world where a sales catalog page does not need to be limited by space. You will not need much imagination because we live in such a world. You are the reader. One-page stories on paper, or longer stories in pixels without boundaries? That is the question.

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