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HRU Feedback (2021-10-10)

October 10, 2021

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I view the article as “ we throw our hands in the air and give up.”

Look, I have a simple solution.

Tracks close all wagering once the starting gate begins to move.

Typically the large volume players can manipulate the pools by placing their wagers as close to “off” as possible. This method allows them to conceal their wagers from the public. The public are the dupes who get run over in an unfair game.

Anyway, what this does is prevent high volume betting syndicates and high volume single players from “betting the bell.”

And with the 30 to 45 second lag between the moment the gate begins to roll to “off” gives time for tote systems to chew on the data and have time to catch up.

One other thing. I dispute the context of the article regarding the NYRA rule. The writer stated the win pools were down 12 per cent.

That may be true, but given the fact that the 2021 Saratoga meet set an all-time record for handle. That tells me the money that would have gone to the win pools, was wagered in other pools.

There are solutions. But those are stuck in the politics of the game.

My guess is there is a fear among track managements that if large volume bettors who view parimutuel pools as their exclusive playground will suddenly remove their business and wager on other things.

Bunk. These people have invested tons of money and time developing their wagering systems and programs. I find it unlikely they will abandon horse racing.

Ken Young / Indian Trail NC

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