HRU Feedback (2020-02-02)

February 2, 2020

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What happens when the little guy realizes he’s making a sucker bet?

The recent upsurge in handle seems to be driven by large Pick 5 and Pick 6 interest. Fine and dandy for the short run. But, what happens when the little guy realizes his $12 bet almost always loses to the guys wagering $48 or more? Perhaps, the answer lies in some kind of syndicate where small bettors can buy a piece of a large ticket to level the playing field? If the small bettor loses all the time on these exotic bets, eventually the handle will go down.

Does a 2 deep ticket in a Pick 5 for .50 cents, costing $16 really stand a chance against guys playing $80+?Is that really handicapping, playing 160 combinations?

Sure, I know it is legal to freely whack the all button. But, what happens when the little guy realizes he is making a sucker wager?

— Al Gatto / Roselle Park, NJ

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