Thoughts on Speedy Somoli, Yonkers and Hollywood

HRU Feedback (2018-08-12)

August 12, 2018

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Guru: Speedy Somolli was more than “decent”

In his column on Friday, Ron Gurfein described Speedy Somolli as a “decent sire,” on the same level as Green Speed. For the record, Speedy Somolli sired 3 Hambletonian winners, which ranks him among the top Hambletonian sires of the modern era. He is also the grandsire of Valley Victory, one of the most influential sires of all time. Deweycheatumnhowe, still the only undefeated Hambletonian winner in the history of our sport is inbred to Speedy Somolli, 2 by 4.

I have neither the time nor the energy to do the research this question deserves, but the few facts I’ve cited above make it clear that Speedy Somolli was far greater than a “decent sire.”

— Alan Leavitt / Lexington, KY

Yonkers request falls on deaf ears

My previous request to have Yonkers Raceway broadcast their non-betting events has fallen on deaf ears. Once again, I was trying to watch New York Sire Stakes races scheduled for 5:30 on Tuesday 8/7/18, but the live feed was not turned on. Why is it a problem for Yonkers to broadcast these events? Don’t they understand that there are owners and fans that want to see these races?

— Jerry White / Boynton Beach, FL

Hollywood helped me remember my 10-hole Wilson winner

I am always interested in reading Bob Heyden’s “hits” and the paragraph on winners of the Meadowlands Pace from the 10 hole caught my attention.

In 1977, the inaugural Woodrow Wilson pace was won by my horse No No Yankee from the 10 hole. In those years it was much rarer to win from that outside post and practically unheard of for a 2-year-old who never saw the rail (yes, it was a rail then) and was hung the entire mile.

So, Bob, how many other 2-year-olds have ever won the Woodrow Wilson from the 10 hole? Your article certainly brought back fond memories of a great race and a great horse of 41 years ago.

— Paul A. Fontaine / Woonsocket, RI

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