Five plays for the neophyte (Episode #3)

by Trey Nosrac

Episode #3 — Henry, Benny and Lydia (Harness Cage Match)

This is another in a series of wildly unorthodox methods searching for inroads that might lead some people under the age of 40 to harness racing, people who live on their phones and in their social networks, people who do not know harness horse racing exists. Each entry targets people who might be willing to have a gambling fling but will not endure agonizing over a race program.

Let us begin this spasm of lunacy with four simple premises:

• The intricacies of solving the riddle of a harness horse race are a bridge too far for the vast majority of reactional gamblers who do not relish deep research into a wager.

• A racing trotter, a wonder to most of us in the trotting and pacing choir, is not overly enthralling to recreational gambler. They bet on strange things like the coin flip of the Super Bowl, basketball over/under results, lottery tickets, or hedge fund ratios in the stock market.

• People find other people endlessly fascinating. People can boast, brag, embarrass themselves, stand as avatars, be blamed, sell themselves and heaven knows what else. People, good and bad, fascinate us because we relate. Conflict sells. We pay attention to politics and pundits who rile us. We watch movies where things explode and people are in peril.

• People hustling to make money in the world of cyber commerce are relentless and innovative. Often, these people can find ways to make money without much upfront investment. Let us put a few of these people in a position to use our sport in creative and independent ways. Meet a trio of entrepreneurial harness racing people in the social world of interconnectivity who want your business. They want you to traffic their site.

Hammering Henry

A tweet and IM goes out at 4:45 PM EST

Hello Newbies and Oldbies and Wannabies.

It is time to make some money with Hammering Henry. I am playing against Ludicrous Lydia and Buzzkill Benny in races 4, 5, and 6 at The Meadows tonight. If this were a boxing match, they would stop it before it begins. As the Trumpster would say, “These two are losers. I have a beautiful plan that you will love for the races tonight.” As any graduate of Trump University would say, my success rate is Amazing.”

Ludicrous Lydia

A tweet and IM goes out at 4:47 PM EST

LOL – OMG… Henry and Benny tonight — be ready with the mute button when I share the screen with these boys, especially Henry who is as a much fun as a bad rash. Girls, not only will you make some money, you will feel good doing it. I have been studying the races and my vibes are good!


Buzzkill Benny

A tweet and IM goes out at 4:47 PM EST

Think of tonight’s match logically. You have a boastful clown, a lovely girl and a man who uses mathematics and a solid system. Need I say more?

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