Why HRU?

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Why HRU?

At Harness Racing Update (HRU), we are convinced you receive the best bang for your advertising dollars because we reach and engage your potential customers directly wherever they are, anywhere in the world.

Targeted digital advertising to best reach your exact customers is the current trend. There is no better way to reach people actively involved in harness racing than through HRU.

Here’s some more reasons why you should consider spending some of your advertising dollars with HRU:

Subscribers up substantially

Even as the number of participants in harness racing shrinks, HRU is growing. Since the new management team took over in January of 2016, HRU has grown its subscribers by more than 1,600 people (27.5 per cent). That growth continued over 2018, with an increase in subscribers of 8.4 per cent.

How many other publications can claim their subscription numbers are up and have been up in each of the last three years?

The most engaged readers in harness racing

HRU boasts a subscriber list of some of the most engaged readers in the sport. Just look at our average email open rates (those that opened the email) and click rates (those that clicked on the link to access the HRU issue) as logged by our email distribution company Constant Contact.

In 2018, our average open rate was over 43 per cent and our click rate was just shy of 48 per cent.

According to an article called Email Marketing Benchmarks on GetResponse, the average open rate for email campaigns is 21.6 per cent and the average click rate is 14.7 per cent.

That means HRU’s open rate is 100 per cent higher than the industry average and 226 per cent higher than the average click rate. That tells us HRU readers are engaged with the publication and like how they receive it — meaning your ads are not only being seen, they are being seen by those that are invested in the sport.

Digital currency

HRU brings the best of a traditional print publication — award-winning feature stories, engaging columnists, stunning photography — together with the immediacy and convenience of the digital world.

Simply put, HRU is more timely than traditional print publications and more indepth than traditional industry websites.

Plus, we support every piece of original content with an active and growing social media presence. For example, HRU’s Facebook page has grown by nearly 1,300 page likes in 2018 alone and now ranks as the #1 independent harness racing trade publication on Facebook.

Your ad dollars support increased coverage

By making HRU free to subscribers, we not only have increased the audience for your targeted advertising message, we also rely on your support both to keep HRU free and continue to improve the publication further.

Thanks to the support of advertisers like you, HRU has made a number of improvements in recent years, most of which were implemented in 2018.

Over the past year, we have:

  • Improved our website look and functionality dramatically, allowing readers to find content more easily
  • Added a number of popular columns to an already strong editorial lineup, including the addition of Ask the Guru, Superstar Females of Harness Racing, Between the Lines, Buzzworthy and many more
  • Launched the HRU broadcast department with popular hosts Heather Vitale, Jami Fellows and Heather Wilder showcasing videos of 2-year-olds in training and reports from the sport’s major sales
  • Improved the readability of our results section and brought back both race replays and TrackMaster past performance lines

With your support, that is just the beginning.

The bottom line

Unlike association publications, HRU is an independent publication free to cover the sport from all angles.

There’s a reason more than 7,000 subscribers (and growing) have signed up to receive HRU. The publication gives them something they either can’t get elsewhere or can’t get as well.

These are your customers.

HRU is best positioned to help you reach them.

For more information, contact advertising director Wilma Van Vaerenbergh today!
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