Two Millers on the cusp of entering the 10,000-win club

Both Brett and Andy Miller are approaching 10,000 career driving wins.

by Bob Heyden

Both Brett and Andy Miller could hit 10,000 on the same day.

Brett started Aug. 18 at 9,988 victories the day before he turned 50 (8/19/73). He’s looking at a dozen to go to join the exclusive 10,000-win club that currently only has 20 members in it.

Andy Miller started Aug. 18 at 9,996 with just four to go to reach five figures

With David Miller currently at 14,137, there would be three Millers out of the 22 drivers that have exceeded 10,000 victories.


• Del Miller was the most prominent person the sport ever had the fortune of calling its own. Horse-wise, he was the first to win the Jug/Hambletonian in the same season (1950). He had record all-time sales with both Adios and Delmonica Hanover. He won a race in a mind boggling eight decades starting in 1929 in Carrolton, OH.

• Andy Miller’s brother, Erv Miller, is No. 3 all time in trainer earnings at $103 million..

• Erv’s son, Marcus Miller, has a 2016 Breeders Crown to his credit.

• Jim Miller had standouts in the 1970s. A $5,000 castoff named Invincible Shadow that he turned into a top free-for-aller. Also, Tijuana Taxi set the half mile track record of 1:56.3 in New York.

• Andy Miller had a Horse of the Year runner-up in Lucky Jim who was 17-for-18 the same year as Muscle Hill year (2009). Andy also has hit the board in the Hambletonian multiple times and a couple of his standouts include Incredible Tillie and My Boy David.

• Andy’s wife, Julie Miller, has the record for most starters in the Hambletonian by any female trainer, and her Devious Man at 2-1 in 2017 is the only favorite sent out by a female trainer in the sport’s greatest trotting test. She and Andy have been a force on the Grand Circuit for a decade and a half mostly with talented young trotters.

• David’s cousin, Brett Miller, drove Always B Miki to a 1:47 score in his HOY season of 2016. He also handles Charlie May and won a 2015 Breeders Crown with Pure Country. His first appearance in the T & P Guide came in 2002 in the midst of three straight 500-win seasons.

• David Miller is the only driver to win five Breeders Crowns in a single year (2015). He’s the No. 1 active money-winning driver now past $275 million. Only John Campbell stands in his way of being numero uno. ($299.8 million). The last Triple Crown winning driver with any pacer, 2003 No Pan Intended, still the only horse to win both a Triple Crown and a Breeders Crown. David was the first winner of a million-dollar Breeders Crown in 2000 with Magician.


Starting Aug. 18, Andy and Brett are a combined $66Gs shy of a quarter billion.

Andy — $138,643,710

Brett — $111,290,831

Total — $249,934,541

Between the three Millers, they are well past half a billion.

The aforementioned $249 million plus $276M for David puts that Miller trio at $525 million.


Where were the three Millers at the end of the 20th century and were they even on the radar yet?

Brett — $6,300,858 good for No. 339 all time.

Brett — 1,506 wins good for No. 457 all time.

Andy — $12,232,379 good for No. 124 all time.

Andy — 1,843 wins good for No. 315 all time.

Dave — $26,723,311 good for No. 48 all time.

Dave — 5,318 wins good for No. 28 all time.


This is the first year where the Adios, NA Cup, and Hambletonian have been won by women. 

Are they just getting started?

Linda Toscano’s It’s My Show just equaled the 3-year-old world record at Red Mile of 1:46.4.

Nancy Takter’s Tactical Approach won his Hambletonian win follow-up start at Red Mile.

Let’s take a look at the “Big Four,” the Pace, Cup, Jug, and Hambletonian and take note of how the ladies have established a foothold not too many saw coming:

Meadowlands Pace

Zero of the first 42 editions to the women. Now two of the last five.

2019 — Linda Toscano — Best In Show

2020 — Nancy Takter — Tall Dark Stranger

NA Cup

Zero of the first 23 editions to the women, but get this, they’ve won seven of the last 14.

2010 — Casie Coleman —Sportswriter

2015 — JoAnn Looney — Wakisashi Hanover

2016 — Casie Coleman — Betting Line

2019 — Nancy Takter — Captain Crunch

2020 — Nancy Takter — Tall Dark Stranger

2021 — Kathy Ceccin — Desperate Man

2023 — Linda Toscano — It’s My Show

Little Brown Jug

The first 49 Jugs, zero women. Now four of the last 28.

In 1995, Caroline Lyon won with Nicks Fantasy. She was the first woman to do so.

In 2012, 2013 and 2016,Casie Coleman won with Michael’s Power, Vegas Vacation and Betting Line, respectively


Zero of the first 86 editions were won by a female trainer. Now? Three of the last 12.

2012 — Linda Toscano — Market Share

2016 — Paula Wellwood — Marion Marauder

2023 — Nancy Takter — Tactical Approach