Alagna, Wallin, Miller and Hennessey videos debuting soon

by Dave Briggs

HRU’s Broadcast Division is proud to announce its 2023 Twos in Training video series continues this week with
Heather Vitale interviewing trainers Tony Alagna and Lucas Wallin in New Jersey and Heather Wilder interviewing
Wally Hennessey and Erv Miller in Florida.

The Alagna interview can be viewed here beginning at 5 p.m. (ET) today (April 21).

The Miller interview can be viewed here beginning on Saturday (April 22) at noon.

The Wallin video can be viewed here beginning on Sunday (April 23) at noon.

The Hennessey video can be viewed here beginning on Monday (April 24) at 7 p.m.

Thank you to Wire to Wealth for sponsoring the Alagna and Wallin videos.

Also, our appreciation to the Standardbred Horse Sales Company for sponsoring the Alagna video.

Thanks to Winbak Farm of Delaware and Lexington Selected Yearling Sale for sponsoring the Miller video.

Thank you to Preferred Equine Marketing for sponsoring the Miller and Hennessey videos.

Our appreciation to Winbak Farm of Canada for sponsoring the Wallin video.

Also, thanks to Deo Volente Farm for sponsoring the Wallin video.

Many more videos are coming from Florida, Ontario and New Jersey in coming weeks. Look for them on our YouTube channel.