Recipe for improving harness racing

The other night a few friends and I were talking about how to improve a few things about harness racing. The strangest thing is, yes I have a few friends.

This is what we came up with:

• Trainers can’t have two horses in the same race even if they have different owners.

• Post time is post time.

• No betting on elimination races where you need to finish fifth or better.

• The starting gate should be more angled to give outside horses a better chance especially on half-mile tracks, or should start 50 yds earlier to make it a longer run to the first turn. A run up, like the thoroughbreds. Timer doesn’t start till the mile line.

• If you’re sitting third on the rail and you don’t pull, $50 fine. You’re not trying to win, you screwed the public.

• Allowing a nice tuck going to the quarter. Nice for your buddy, not nice to the public.

Bill Hartenstine / Farmingdale, NY