Sunday’s Breeders Crown finals are the last big races of the year in Sweden

by Thomas Hedlund

Breeders Crown finals for 3- and 4-year-olds are on the menu Sunday (Nov. 13) in Eskilstuna, Sweden and four divisions in the largely comprehensive series are on the race card.

The basic purse in each division is $160,000, but most of the horses are competing for the double prize money, so we can basically say that $320,000 is at stake in each of the four races Sunday.

Timo Nurmos dominates the finals with six finalists, four in the race for 4-year-old mares. His Lara Boko (Djali Boko) will be the heavy favorite after an impressive win in the elimination race at Solvalla on Oct. 30.

Senorita Tokio (Southwind Frank), Rihanna W.I. (S.J’s Caviar) and Indira Split (Quarcio du Chene) will join Lara Boko from Nurmos’ barn and among the opponents, Stochampionatet winner Great Skills (Ready Cash) is one of the toughest challengers.

Francesco Zet (Father Patrick) is undefeated after eight starts this season and his year has been splendid with victories in the $200,000 Kungapokalen, $240,000 Sprintermästaren and $800,000 Derby. He is the favorite in the 4-year-old colts and geldings division.

Bedazzled Sox (Brillantissime) won the first $400,000 E3 final and finished second in the second E3 race in August. He made an early break in the $800,000 Kriteriet but impressed in the Breeders Crown elimination for 3-year-old colts and geldings, so he will be the probable first choice in Eskilstuna this Sunday.

The most open BC final is the one for 3-year-old fillies. Oaks winner Bonneville W.I. (S.J.’s Caviar) claimed a spot in the final as fourth and has to face a bad post position (8) in her hunt for another big success.

Muscle Hill has four 4-year-old finalists in the fields and the same number goes for his son Propulsion in the races for 3-year-olds.


4-year-old mares

Horse – Sire – Driver

2,140 meters

1. Glamorous Rain – Muscle Hill – Örjan Kihlström

2. Great Skills – Ready Cash – Daniel Wäjersten

3. Lara Boko – Djali Boko – Mika Forss

4. Senorita Tokio – Southwind Frank – Ulf Ohlsson

5. Felicia Zet – Ready Cash – Per Lennartsson

6. Rihanna W.I. – S.J.’s Caviar – Jorma Kontio

7. Indira Split – Quarcio du Chene – Magnus A Djuse

8. Special Topmodel – Maharajah – Dwight Pieters

9. Infinity Sisu – Classic Photo – Oskar J Andersson

10. Imhatra Am – Muscle Hill – Mats E Djuse

11. Filippa B.J. – Muscle Mass – Robin Bakker

12. Kashmir River – Django Riff – Petter Lundberg


4-year-old colts and geldings

2,140 meters

1. Karat River – Muscle Hill – Johan Untersteiner

2. Iznogoud Am – Muscle Hill – Björn Goop

3. Devils Tounge – Zola Boko – Sandra Eriksson

4. Francesco Zet – Father Patrick – Örjan Kihlström

5. Ikaros Sisu – Googoo Gaagaa – Thomas Uhrberg

6. Sourire Frö – Wishing Stone – Magnus A Djuse

7. High On Pepper – Ready Cash – Jorma Kontio

8. Grappa Boy – Djali Boko – Robert Bergh

9. Kentucky River – Father Patrick – Per Nordström

10. Akilles Face – Raja Mirchi – Adrian Kolgjini

11. Lozano di Quattro – Trixton – Tobias J Gustafsson

12. Indy Rock – Readly Express – Erik Adialsson


3-year-old fillies

2,140 meters

1. Lilian Young – Maharajah – Jörgen S Eriksson

2. Jennifer Sisu – Propulsion – Jorma Kontio

3. O’Mara Zon – Maharajah – Daniel Wäjersten

4. Queen Belina – Nuncio – Örjan Kihlström

5. Stens Retention – Raja Mirchi – Johan Untersteiner

6. Kayla Westwood – Maharajah – Magnus A Djuse

7. Jewilla – Propulsion – Mats E Djuse

8. Bonneville W.I. – S.J.’s Caviar – Ulf Ohlsson

9. Aurelia Express – Readly Express – Erik Adielsson

10. Olivia Coger – Monark Newman – Fredrik Persson

11. Jest – Trixton – Björn Goop

12. Lawina – Uncle Lasse – Claes Sjöström


3-year-old colts and geldings

2,140 meters

1. Dancer Brodde – Bold Eagle – Johan Untersteiner

2. King Kennedy – Nuncio – Mats E Djuse

3. Bedazzled Sox – Brillantissime – Torbjörn Jansson

4. Bengan – Django Riff – Örjan Kihlström

5. Following – Nuncio – Björn Goop

6. Coquaholy – Orlando Vici – Kim Eriksson

7. Night Art – Googoo Gaagaa – Robert Bergh

8. Landmark River – Propulsion – Kenneth Haugstad

9. Jikken – Propulsion – Per Lennartsson

10. Monastery Boko – Chelsea Boko – Robin Bakker

11. Game Brodde – S.J.’s Caviar – Peter Untersteiner

12. One Cristal – One Too Many – Magnus A Djuse


Jerry Riordan-trained Aetos Kronos (Bold Eagle) hasn’t been seen at the racetracks since October last year. The 6-year-old top trotter, who was among the leading trotters in the very tough crop containing horses such as Don Fanucci Zet, Power and Hail Mary as a 3- and 4-year-old, suffered from Horner’s syndrome last fall and will now enter the track again after a well performed qualification race in Halmstad last week.

Aetos Kronos, with 16 wins in 39 starts so far in his career, will begin slowly in an overnight race in Kalmar on Friday (Nov. 11). Johan Untersteiner will drive Riordan’s horse and the duo begin with 20 meters disadvantage.