Northwood Bloodstock yearlings have critical updates

by Debbie Little

Just as it did in Lexington, Bob Boni’s Northwood Bloodstock consignment in Harrisburg offers diversity.

“I think when you go to a sale like Harrisburg, if you look through the catalog, there should be something for everybody,” said Boni.

Northwood will offer around 70 yearlings at the Standardbred Horse Sales Company’s (SHSC) auction in Harrisburg, over twice as many as they sold in Lexington.

Boni thinks that buyers at the SHSC, which starts on Monday (Nov. 7), need to do their homework and check for updates.

Since The Black Book went to press in mid-September, there could be plenty of updates that should be considered.

“What I’ve done for years is I’ve put an indicator on their halter tag that there’s an update,” said Boni. “Obviously, I can’t write the update on the tag, but that should give them reason to ask.

“Once they’re in the sales ring, it’s almost too late. I’m sure they’ll make that announcement, but I’d say for the most part, the vast majority of people that are interested have already kind of made their decision and they may not be looking at that time or they may not be paying enough attention.”

Boni first saw an indicator many years ago at a thoroughbred sale and recognized its importance.

“It’s a little red dot that we put on the halter number,” said Boni. “And we have a sign that says, ‘Red dot means important update’ and that should give people reason to ask.”

So, Boni suggests if you see red, stop, you may just learn something vitally important.

As an example, Boni pointed out Hip 340 Rock Climber, a son of Muscle Hill out of Lass A Rope.

“The interesting aspect here is since the catalog was printed, his brother, Volume Eight, has got a record of 1:52.1,” said Boni. “He’s won four out of six starts and he’s made almost $100,000 and he’s obviously a pretty good colt. If you just look in the catalog, Volume Eight has a record of 1:59.4 and he made $1,000.”

Another example given is a son of Bar Hopping.

Number 357 Manager Mister is a pretty nice colt and there’s a pretty big update,” said Boni. “His 3-year-old sister has made over $200,000 now and the 2-year-old [sister] has a record of 1:57.4 on a half-mile track.”

Boni also pointed out some first-crop yearlings by Captain Crunch, Greenshoe and Six Pack.

“I’ve got a nice Captain Crunch filly that’s selling in the first session: Better Crunch, Number 15,” said Boni. “First foal [out of Better Said].

“I’ve got a very, very nice Captain Crunch colt [Hip 97 Mccrunch] and he’s just been terrific. He’s a Captain Crunch out of Mcgibson. He’s a brother to a Breeders Crown winner, Boston Red Rocks, and his 2-year-old sister, Mcseaside, has made almost $300,000 this year. So, this is a colt that I think should get a significant amount of attention. He’s a pretty interesting prospect.”

Boni doesn’t like to zero in on what he thinks his yearlings will bring. He believes that it’s up to the buyers to decide that. Instead, he likes to point out why horses should have a significant amount of appeal.

“This colt [Hip 97 Mccrunch] would be a perfect example,” said Boni. “What’s he going to bring? I can’t sit here and give you that kind of number right now, but I think that anybody looking for a good pacing colt, first crop, Pennsylvania eligible, this would be a colt that they should have some interest in.”

Greenshoe yearlings sold well in Lexington and Boni expects interest in them to be high in Harrisburg as well.

“I’ve got two Greenshoe colts in the first session, Number 4 [Arguendo] and Number 14 [Gryngolet],” said Boni. “I’ve seen them. They’re both very, very nice horses.”

Boni thinks his Six Pack colt, Hip 301 Bluebird Pyramid, is very interesting.

“It’s the first Six Pack from the mare [Goosebump Hanover] and since the cataloging her 3-year-old trotting filly, Bluebird Dove, has now got earnings of over $200,000 and she also set a world record at Delaware. She won in 1:52.2, so that’s a half-mile track world record for 3-year-old trotting fillies. And this is the first crop of Six Pack and she’s had three foals, and two of them are stakes winners, so this should be one of the more interesting Six Packs to sell.”

Northwood has yearlings selling on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Harrisburg, a sale Boni always looks forward to.

“I like it there,” said Boni. “I think it’s a very customer friendly sale to get around with all the horses under one roof.

“If you can’t find it in Harrisburg, you’re not going to find it anywhere.”