Why has everybody stopped betting at Monticello?

As you look for reasons your plummeting handle and customer exodus, look no further than inward. Apparently “lessons learned” is a forgotten topic in your management handbook. Look at (Monday, Oct. 24th’s) 3rd race and tell me there is nothing fishy surrounding the 6 horse’s performance — even money favorite, no-leave, no-follow, no-close and statistics suggest that this driver seems to have this happen at an alarming rate. So reviewing the track’s website we find that no one seems to be home when it comes to follow-up.

Your refusal to deal with this type of issue is THE PROBLEM. Is it any wonder that the public has looked elsewhere? Dragging post times to a comical level, dwindling pools to the point that off-times result in odds posted after the first quarter as much as 200% drop off added to the obvious integrity issues mentioned earlier. Your head-in-sand approach has enabled this once grand sport to wither and spin in a downward spiral.

So, if your intention is to build condos on your acreage, you’re right on schedule.

David Perry / Dearborn, MI