Monday’s opening session of the Lexington sale is the greatest single collection of yearlings ever offered

by Murray Brown

The yearlings in the first session of the 2021 Lexington Selected Yearling Sale represented the finest single day’s offering in the sport ever. The numbers realized from the session more than supported that statement.

So what have my friends Randy Manges and David Reid, the co-managers of the sale cooked up for this year?

In this guy’s far from humble opinion, they will have exceeded last year’s quality, not only by a little bit, but by a whole lot.

The 127 yearlings entering the sales ring Monday (Oct 3) will represent the greatest collection of yearlings to have ever been on offer in a standardbred yearling sale. Whatever yearling sales records in last year’s first session will be topped by those which will be sold Monday evening. I make that statement with no doubt or reservations.

Let’s look at the numbers. The yearlings in the session consist of 92 trotters and 35 pacers. The trotters are broken down to an equal number of 46 by sex. The pacers consist of 21 colts and 12 fillies. If one were nitpicking, it could be argued that the depth of the pacers is not quite commensurate with those of the trotters. The reason is certainly not because the quality of the pacers is lacking in any manner but rather because the quality of the trotting yearlings is overwhelming. Over half of the group of trotters (53) is made up of yearlings by the three sires that most people would consider to be the best in North America, if not the world, Chapter Seven with Muscle Hill (18 each) and Walner with 17. First-year sire Greenshoe ranks with the three leaders with 18 selling on Day One. Thus, 72 of the 92 trotting yearlings come from four sires. I suppose that the argument could be made that those numbers might show a lack of diversity at the top. I would say that the three proven also complement each other pretty well. It is true that Chapter Seven and Walner are a father-son duo. However the day is coming, if it is not already here, when some golden crosses such as Muscle Hill and his sons on Chapter Seven line mares as well as the reverse, the Chapter Seven and Walner line stallions on Muscle Hill line mares, becomes the vogue. The fifth ranking Day One trotting stallion with 10 is Father Patrick who is enjoying a wonderful year, his best since his first crop which produced the remarkable Greenshoe. This adds the Cantab Hall line to the mix. I think that it would be a safe bet to guess that all of these mentioned stallions will to a large extent become the stallions who will most influence the American trotting breed in the years to come.

The number of pacers selling on Day One, 33 head and 27 per cent of the total is significantly lower than the trotters. One stallion, Captaintreacherous leads the pack with 14 yearlings, nevertheless the stallion who I expect to dominate pacing for some years will be his sire the remarkable Somebeachsomewhere. Not only is SBSW the sire of Captaintreacherous, he is also the sire of two already successful young stallions Downbytheseaside and Huntsville. SBSW’s book is nowhere near fully written yet. Although SBSW is no longer with us, he has two of his greatest sons Papi Rob Hanover and Beach Glass waiting in the wings..

Are you ready for the fireworks? I have been since I received my catalog a couple of weeks ago.

While speaking of Lexington Day One I will enter the fantasy world and take my yearly foray into the depths of my imagination. Each year I go through the catalog and pick a small number of yearlings in each of the four categories — trotters and pacers and colts and fillies for each. These will consist of my imaginary stable for the coming year. Here they are:


Hip 70 Vic Zelenskyy — Greenshoe—Mission Brief—Muscle Hill

First colt from a mare who I consider to be in the top five that I’ve ever seen. She will have that great one. He could be the one.

Hip 47 Holy Grail Hanover — Greenshoe—Hannelore Hanover—Swan For All

First foal from the world champion and multiple stakes winner Hannelore Hanover ($3,069,857).

Hip 104 Thinker Monkey — Chapter Seven—Steamy Windows—Muscle Massive

Brother to the champions Gimpanzee ($2,701,075) and Iditeration ($780,818).

Hip 34 Topmost — Walner—D’One—Donato Hanover

Second foal from the European champion D’One ($1,268,611)

Hip 31 Leadstar S — Chapter Seven—Daydream AM—Muscle Hill

Brother to the champion filly Hypnotic AM($1,457,943).


Hip 93 Hauter — Muscle Hill—Satin Pillows—Conway Hall

Half-sister to the multiple stakes winner To Dream On ($975,395).

Hip 36 Emoji Hanover — Greenshoe—Emmylou Who—Ken Warkentin

Half-sister to the multiple stakes winner Emoticon Hanover ($1,778,033).

Hip 29 Darcy Hanover — Walner—Danielle Hanover—Cantab Hall

Half-sister to the stakes winning fillies Darlene Hanover ($591,250) and Delilah Hanover ($221,556).

Hip 45 Santa Croce — Father Patrick—Treviso—Muscle Massive

Half-sister to the 2022 Peter Haughton winner Kilmister ($297,0335)

Hip 57 Epoch — Chapter Seven—Jolene Jolene—Muscle Hill

Half-sister to the stakes winners Venerable ($1,121,548) and Crucial ($528,598)


Hip 84 Total Stranger — Bettors Delight—Precocious Beauty—Art Major

Brother to the Champion Tall Dark Stranger ($2,020,195), Half-brother to the stakes winner Beautyonthebeach ($540,428).

Hip 19 Port Royal Hanover — Captaintreacherous—Panera Hanover—Rocknroll Hanover

Half-brother to Papi Rob Hanover($927,979)

Hip 54 Devils Cocktail — Sweet Lou—Margarita Monday—Ponder

Half-brother to Tequila Monday ($993,712) and I’ll Drink to That ($472,914)

Hip 73 Minataur — Bettors Delight—Mythical—Artsplace

Brother to the stakes winners Medusa ($1,004,178), Alicorn ($561,140) and Eighthunrdolarbill ($362,760).

Hip 125 Kissincaptain — Captaintreacherous—Yagonnakissmeornot—The Panderosa

Second foal from Yagonnakissmeornot($1,458,850), a half-sister to the champion Always B Miki ($2,715,368)


Hip 15 Show Of Faith — Captaintreacherous—Cannae Cammie—Cams Card Shark

Half-sister to Horse of the Year Test of Faith ($2,111,331), Alexis Faith ($586,546) and Can’t Beach That ($320,899).

Hip 53 Sea Glass — Downbytheseaside—I’m With Her—Bettor’s Delight

Half-sister to Beach Glass ($960,960).

Hip 80 Youbet Hanover — Bettors Delight—Youaremycandygirl—American Ideal

First foal from the great Youaremycandygirl ($1,566,292).

Hip 90 Design — Always B Miki—Darlinonthebeach—Somebeachsomewhere

Second foal from the stakes winner Darlinonthebeach ($1,068,648).

Hip 67 Stonecoldtreachery — Captaintreacherous—Medusa—Bettors Delight

First foal from the stakes winner Medusa ($1,004,178)

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