New era begins as Jenna McNiven takes the reins at Twinbrook

November 7, 2021

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by Dave Briggs

Ontario’s Twinbrook Farm is proving to be the exception to the oft-heard lament that breeding farms often don’t have heirs interested in continuing the farm. Rob and Tammy McNiven are handing the reins of the farm over to their daughter, Jenna, who will oversee Twinbrook’s 32-yearling consignment at the Standardbred Horse Sales Company’s (SHSC) auction that begins Monday (Nov. 8) in Harrisburg, PA.

“They don’t think we are, but we are very, very proud of them,” Tammy said of her and Rob’s three children. “Obviously, they were taught with McNiven genes — from Uncle Jack to Rob to them. The only downside is, it’s tough when they are the boss now.

“I’ve basically left the barn job and I just do all the administration and paperwork and talking, obviously, but Jenna does the daily work, morning to night, and everything. She does it all. She helps us with booking mares. She helps with who we’re going to buy at sales, who we’ve pinned for mixed sales. She trolls OnGait all of the time. She’s very, very involved and her pedigree knowledge is beyond exceptional.

“It’s part of the DNA. Her older sister, Maddi, she’s not directly in our breeding operation, but she also helps. They live just down the road from us and have a farm that they live on. There are horses there that they take care of for us. It’s a family affair.”

Before turning it over to Jenna to tout some of Twinbrook’s Harrisburg yearlings, Tammy wanted to mention one special yearling — Hip 75 Twin B Amanda Lynn.

“She’s named after (trainer) Andrew Harris’ wife that passed away, Amanda Lynn,” Tammy said. “She’s the one we do the breast cancer awareness with her mom. All the foals in the family, we’ve named in honor of breast cancer. So, number 75 is in honor of Amanda Harris.”

Jenna added, “She’s small and a lot of good Bettors Delights are small, but with that family she’s a nice put-together filly.”

As for others, Jenna mentioned:

Number 55 (Twin B Kingston). He’s just a gorgeous animal. He would probably be our best-looking one and he really catches everyone’s eye.

Number 71 (JS Hesthatspecial), he’s a full-brother to Imextraspecial.

“We have a really nice Tactical Landing colt. He’s number 417 (Twin B Showmance).

“We have number 424 (Twin B King Kong), an Always B Miki colt that is a Cam Fella cross. Basically, that’s the cross on all of those good Miki Grand Circuit horses. He’s a big, gorgeous horse and I’m really excited about the cross on him.

“I’m excited. I think the sales have been strong and I think this is the nicest-looking bunch of horses that we’ve had to offer, almost ever. There’s not a bad individual. They are all really nice.”

Value pick

As for a value pick, Jenna selected Hip 337 Twin B Nation.

“He’s just a really nice colt. The mare hasn’t really hit yet, but we think this is the one she’ll hit with.”

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