Diamond Creek continues its exponential growth

by Dave Briggs

Shaun Laungani said the 48 yearlings Diamond Creek is selling in Lexington this week comprise the strongest group the farm has sold in recent memory.

“We have the pedigrees, we have the individuals, we’ve got the physicals and we’ve put it on tape with the videos,” said Laungani, the farm’s vice-president and director of bloodstock services.

As Diamond Creek keeps and races some of the horses it produces, Laungani said the fact the farm’s owner, Adam Bowden, is selling some yearlings from successful families this year is something buyers should note.

“Overall, especially the ones that Diamond Creek bred, I think it’s a special offering because hip numbers like 62 (Exile) and 30 (Blood Shed) would be the very first time that anything is for sale out of these mares. They are both stellar mares and it’s the first time that Adam is actually letting them go,” Laungani said.

“Those two are big standouts, along with hip 61 (Larceny), who is second foal out of Someomensomewhere. It’s a Miki colt that checks all the boxes and has an outstanding video. He should sell really well. You could say that hip 66 (Cultured) is very notable, just because it’s out of the sister to Heart Of Mine and Acquavella has been a 100 per cent producer, so for a Captaintreacherous filly that’s about as hot a pedigree as you can have.”

Diamond Creek is selling 19 of its own yearlings and a further 29 an agent for other breeders.

“We’ve never sold this many horses and we’ve certainly never sold this may for other people. It’s part of the business going forward – breed champions, race champions and also sell champions,” Laungani said.

“Client-horse wise, we have two very big storyline horses in hip 116 (Woodside Gearshift), which is the full-brother to Woodside Charm. We are actually partners with Lester Beechy on this horse, which he bred and raised. We do own part of the horse. Pedigree says everything there. He’s got just a lot of charisma and he’s just a super flashy, big, think and muscular… he’s probably got the most muscle definition of any horse we’ve had in the barn during my several years. He’s pretty special.

“Also, a very interesting horse would be a trotting filly at hip 110 (Fields Of Gold), who is a Muscle Hill filly out of a sister to Bold Eagle, a three-quarter sister to Bold Eagle. So, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on her after she had foaled, her and her dam, and we’re selling for Lutfi Kolgjini and Per Sunqvist. That’s a special pedigree and has the physical to match.”

Laungani said Diamond Creek is also selling some yearlings from the estate of the late Bob Key.

“Obviously, Bob Key passed away and ever since we’ve been helping Patti Key, his widow, and her team to kind of sort through the operation and transition to what they are trying to do, which is to cut down numbers and really just to breed commercially and have a lot less racehorses, if any. We started working with them closely while Bob was still alive, to get some of their stallion choices in line with commercial products, so it’s a slow transition, but we’re trying to do whatever we can to help them. They’ve been a big part of the sport and, obviously, a good stallion client for any stallion farm, especially us,” Laungani said.

Laungani said Diamond Creek has been “blessed” to have a strong year from its race stable to its stallions.

“From (Always B) Miki to Downbytheseaside, they are all going to be extremely useful stallions for years to come. We’ve done really well on the pacing side and we’re definitely looking to improve the trotting side. We’ve invested more than ever in trotting mares the last three years,” Laungani said.

“I would also say, just as a selling point for people, we have an absolute ton of Southwind Franks in our consignment. I’m looking at it now and we’re loaded. We’ve got some really good Franks that people might really like to see and there may even be some value there… The sale is going to have some really good values because you have so much money going to Walner and Tactical Landing and Muscle Hill. There’s going to be some really nice horses available for $20,000 to $50,000. This year, in the trotting ranks, you’ve got a bunch of good horses for every price buyer. A lot of people might think that everything is going to be too expensive.”

Diamond Creek is also inviting visitors to its Georgetown, KY farm every day from Oct. 4-8 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. for its Champions and Champagne event that will showcase champion trotting stallions Gimpanzee, Father Patrick, Southwind Frank, and Marseille while champagne is served.

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As for a value pick from Diamond Creek’s offerings, Laungani said hip 309 Burst, a Walner filly out of Blue Diamonds, is “gorgeous… Some people may be wondering why (there wasn’t an early) video up for her and that’s simple – she had a little foot abscess that we worked through, so she couldn’t go on the original video day. We just videoed her two days ago.

“Her video will be fantastic. She’s beautiful and I think she’s been improving so much. She’s always been a big, elegant filly ever since she came out, but I think we’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much everybody else likes her, too.”