Carmen Auciello, Brian Brown, Ron Burke up next in Twos in Training interviews

Trainer Carmen Auciello will speak to Jaimi MacDonald live on Monday. Pre-taped interviews with Heather Wilder speaking to Brian, Brown and Ron Burke will debut next week.

by Dave Briggs

Trainer Carmen Auciello will be interviewed live on Monday, March 29 at 7 p.m. (Eastern) by Jaimi MacDonald in the next in HRU’s 2021 Virtual Twos in Training interviews. The interview will be available for viewing live on HRU’s YouTube page here and Facebook here.

Auciello’s interview is sponsored by Winbak Farm stallion Jimmy Freight and the Central Ontario Standardbred Association (COSA).

Questions for Carmen Auciello must be emailed to HRU prior to 3 p.m. on March 29. To submit a question, email them to: Please make the subject line: Questions for Carmen Auciello and please include your full name.

On Wednesday, March 31, we will post the first of four pre-taped segments in Florida, this one featuring trainer Brian Brown speaking to Heather Wilder, as produced by Aaron Re. That segment is sponsored by Winbak Farms of Delaware and Pennsylvania and Hanover Shoe Farms.

Wilder’s pre-taped interview with Ron Burke will debut Friday, April 2. That segment is sponsored by Hanover Shoe Farms and Winbak Farm’s Ontario pacers.

Wilder and Re have also pre-taped interviews with Chuck Sylvester and John Butenschoen that will be uploaded the second week of April

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Upcoming schedule:

All videos will initially be broadcast beginning at 7 pm (Eastern) on the date scheduled

Mon., March 29 — Carmen Auciello with Jaimi MacDonald
Wed., March 31 — Brian Brown (pre-taped) with Heather Wilder
Fri., April 2 — Ron Burke (pre-taped) with Heather Wilder
Mon., April 5 — John Butenschoen (pre-taped) with Heather Wilder
Wed., April 7 — Chuck Sylvester (pre-taped) with Heather Wilder

Guests for future segments can also be viewed here.