Succession plan goes into action at Twinbrook as next generation starts to take over

Succession plan goes into action at Twinbrook as next generation starts to take over

November 4, 2019

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Tammy and Rob McNiven are thrilled their daughter, Jenna, is taking on an increasing role at their Ontario farm.

by Dave Briggs

Tammy McNiven beamed when speaking about the succession plan starting to take shape at her and her husband Rob’s Twinbrook Farms of Ontario. Their daughter, Jenna, is starting to take over the operation.

“Jenna just loves what we do,” Tammy said Sunday. “Ever since she was a little kid, she just loved the pedigree end of it and so she’s basically done this whole group of yearlings. We’ve done very little handwork with them, it’s been Jenna and another hired girl with us. It’s really nice to see, obviously it’s bred into her with uncle Jack (McNiven of Killean Acres fame) and Rob and now her. It’s really nice to see. We’ve already had a few compliments about what a nice horseperson she is, and she is.”

Twinbrook has long sold most of its yearlings at Standardbred Horse Sales Company’s auction that begins today at noon at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

“It fits for us because we’ve really upped the ante on our broodmares. We’ve spent a lot of money on broodmares in the last few years,” Tammy said. “When we come to Harrisburg, we’re selling to the world. There’s something for everybody down here.”

This year, Tammy said she has high hopes for hip 13, a Bettors Delight colt named Twin B Fighter.

“Everything we name out of that mare has something to do with breast cancer, so this year we’re donating four per cent of whatever he brings to Harness The Hope because… you have to be a fighter to fight breast cancer.”

To find out more about Harness The Hope, check out their Facebook page:

“I’m hoping that other consignors will see this and every year somebody picks some kind of fundraiser to give to, because it’s all about giving, too. It’s been a good business to us and we want to give back.”

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