The list, so far, of 2-year-olds training this winter at Sunshine Meadows in Florida.

Sunshine Meadows 2-year-olds in Training

by Ron Gurfein

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Just like you can ask a trainer for the 2019 list of 2-year-olds they are training at Sunshine Meadows (home of The Deck) and you never know what you will get. I thought it was easy, WRONG. I truly apologize for any missing pieces to the following. I will provide updates as I receive them. Thanking you for your patience. Here’s what I have, so far.

Tony Alagna Stable

Arts Attitude c Arts Speak / Has an Attitude
Betterthanthebeach c Somebeachsomewhere / My Little Delight
Captain Barbossa c Captaintreacherous / Swinging Beauty
Captain Deb f Captaintreacherous / Western Graduate
Captain Kirk c Captaintreacherous / Aria Hanover
Captain Video c Captaintreacherous / Eitherurinorout
Captains Lil Lindy f Captaintreacherous / Lindys Old Lady
Caviar Heather f Somebeachsomewhere / Full Picture
Chief Mate c Captaintreacherous / Heaven Forbid
Choir Master c Mach Three / Ideal Helen
Enchanted Path f Captaintreacherous / She’s A Hot Mess
Esai Hanover c Artspeak / Easy Go Go
Force N Fury c Captaintreacherous / My Little Dragon
Hard Rain c Captaintreacherous / Baez
He Refuses To Lose c Captaintreacherous / Fox Valley Zena
Honor Am f Captaintreacherous / Credit Rating
Honorat Hanover c Captaintreacherous / Hana Hanover
Hopefully Inclined f Mach Three / Artistically Inclined
In Reality Hanover c Captaintreacherous / It Was Fascination
Its Show Time c Captaintreacherous / Uffizi Hanover
Jazz Fest f Captaintreacherous / Jan It Jackson
Karmas Delight f Captaintreacherous / Darlins Delight
Klau c American Ideal / Southwind Siren
Lady Lou f Sweet Lou / Bolt of Thunder
Libspeak f Artspeak / Docdor Libby
Major Risky c Captaintreacherous / Flyonce
Pure Essance f Western Ideal / My Little Artist
Put To Right c Captaintreacherous / On The Catwalk
Radiant Blue Chip c Roll With Joe / Incredible Beauty
Ramona Hill f Muscle Hill / Lock Down Lindy
Real Long Hanover f Captaintreacherous / Rockin In Everyway
Reflect With Me f Captaintreacherous / Remember When
Rollinthe Joe c Roll With Joe / Sweet Bonnie
Rose Run Vanessa f He’s Watching / Mrs. American Pie
Rouser Hanover c Captaintreacherous / Romantic Moment
Sail By f Captaintreacherous / Aquavellaaaa
Sea Of Life c Captaintreacherous / Fresh Idea
Shakshuka Hanover f Artspeak / Shyaway
Sister Theresa f Father Patrick / Anywhere With You
Speak the Peace f Artspeak / Keep the Peace
Surf The Web c Captaintreacherous / Donna Lee
Treacherous Lady f Captaintreacherous / Weapons Against
Vain Glory c Captaintreacherous / Preppy Party Girl
Watchingandwaiting c He’s Watching / Laxmy
What The Luck c Artspeak / Calvados Hall

Casie Coleman

Aces Rock c Bettor’s Delight / Double Jeopardy
Bettor Focus c Bettor’s Delight / Royal Distraction
Golden Sand c Somebeachsomewhere / Cannae Cammie
Regan Bluechip c American Ideal / Day Blue Chip
Indictible Hanover c Bettor’s Delight / I’m Sassy
Examiner Hanover c He’s Watching / E Z Rock
Sam McKee Hanover c Sportswriter / Sammy’s Magic Girl
Stowaway Hanover f Western Ideal / Sapere Hanover
Delightful Deo f Bettor’s Delight / Electric Fool
Play Lady Play f Shadow Play / Chancey Lady

Fred Grant

Been Gesserit f Andover Hall / Nicole Isabelle
Desert Pepper f Sebastian K / Psychobabble
Dirigira f Sebastian K / Angevine
Figure f Andover Hall / Décolletage
Flammable Hanover c Muscle Mass / Finesse Hanover
Fools Mate f Somebeachsomewhere / Quaint Irene
Mouse Circus f Sebastian K / Product Placement
Nova Scotia Beach c Somebeachsomewhere / Hawaiian Classic
Oxford Hall c El Titan / On With The Show
Party On The Hill f Muscle Hill / Party Right Now
Sugar And Spice f Captaintreacherous / Sweet Future
Test Match f Andover Hall / Widdershins
Undersong f Cantab Hall / Ginevre
Upper Deck Hanover f Chapter Seven / Up Front
Hotsey Windlass f Artspeak / Foljambe

Paul Kelley

Amos Hart c Trixton / Zeta Jones
Tumult c Father Patrick / Graceful Kelly
Windon Hanover c Donato Hanover / Winbak Blondie
Cover Girl f Muscle Hill / To Dream On
Inspiring Credit f Credit Winner / Sakar Brae
I’m Winin Hanover f Explosive Matter / I’m On Cloud Nine
Allswell Hanover f Cantab Hall / Aunt Mel
Mambo f Yankee Glide / Dance To Market
Flying Glider f Cantab Hall / Highland Glider

Lindy Farms (Domenico Cecere)

Unnamed c Ready Cash / Highscore Kemp
Unnamed c Crazed / Lindy On The Rocks
Capital Comet c Chapter Seven / Myolin
Do No Lindy c Donato Hanover / Lindy Land
Hall It Off c Cantab Hall / Pearl Axe
Hi West c Cantab Hall / Define Royalty
Pastor Lindy c Father Patrick / Lindy Crazy Dolly
Prefect Hanover c Father Patrick / Passionate Glide
Uncle Joe T c American Ideal / Aunt Caroline
Unnamed f Muscle Hill / All Our Moni
Unnamed f Love You / Born Lindy
Unnamed f Muscle Hill / Moms Millionaire
Lifestory Hanover f Somebeachsomewhere / Livin Life
She Does Trix f Trixton / La Rivera Lindy
Sweet Lucille f Sweet Lou / Dancing Barefoot
Truth Hanover f Western Ideal / The Art Museum

Donald Swick

Sweet AJ f Sweet Lou / Miss Annie J
Tito Rocks c Sweet Lou / Ticket To Rock

Rick Zeron

Validation f Muscle Mass / Fin de Maye
Madame Justice f EL Titan / Lady I Am
Burberry f Father Patrick-High Heels
Jovial Jerry c Donato Hanover / Mets Inn
Fortune Telln Lady f Trixton / For A Dancer
The Reigns Of Titan c E L Titan / Yankee Doodle Candy
Tennessee Rain g Father Patrick / Rustic Rosie
Stonebridge Excel f Muscle Mass / Armbro Vanquish
Curry Hanover c Sebastian K / Choose Happy
Miss Willa f Andover Hall / Miss Athens
Solsbury Hill f Muscle Hill / Emmylou Who
Cathedral Belle f Father Patrick / Lady Athens
Valhalla f Chapter Seven / Yankee Halla
Disclosure Hanover f Chapter Seven / Dornella
Southwind Crescent f Chapter Seven / Miss Caviar
Fear Of The Pasta c So Surreal / Pasta Lavista
Zodie c Chapter Seven / Zanna Blu
Masstro c Muscle Mass / Severine Hanover
Trixie D f Trixton / Miss Dangles
Sixteen c Donato Hanover / Mets Inn
Freedom Express g Wheelin N Dealin / Windsong Nolwenn