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HRU Feedback (2018-01-28)

January 28, 2018

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Bad breakers before start should be automatic refund

I have talked to you before and you have been very cordial and helpful. I would like to point out a problem with harness racing and maybe should be changed to improve the image and be more attractive to all bettors.

On Friday, January 12, 2018 in the fourth race (at the Meadowlands) #6 was named Receivership. Its last two races were not races seeing as the gelding broke stride.

In the 12/29/17 race it was 1-2 and never got to the gate, and got rough and broke stride at the quarter, was last 41 lengths behind, and finished last 67 lengths behind. Again, it was in to race on Jan. 12 and again was the favorite at 6-5 and never got near the gate, broke and never had a chance.

When the bettors new or old see that they had no chance they say bad things about the racetrack.

This has been one of my pet peeves in my 70 plus years betting on and owning harness horses. If a horse gets rank or breaks stride and never gets up to or near the starting gate it should be an automatic scratch and all bets refunded.

It really sounds bad when bettors yell they broke the horse on purpose because it was the favorite, just think of all the new bettors that hear that and believe that. What a terrible impression it leaves their mind.

I have been defending the sport all my life and have always been asked “Is Harness Racing Fixed?” I then have to explain things such as yanking on the reins doesn’t mean the driver is trying to slow down the horse but maybe the horse spit the bit or by yanking it hurts the horses mouth and they run faster.

Just go to most any shopping mall and ask the public “Are harness races fixed?” and see what they say. To get more people involved in harness racing you need to educate them, and show them how much fun it can be when you know what is really going on. Also explain that owning harness horses is a hands-on business and you could interact with them by jogging or learning how to handle them.

— Sal Guagliardo / Elgin, IL

Peeved at Pompano

I have been racing horses since the 1972 and thought I had seen and heard everything to do with racing. We are presently in Florida, so this past Saturday night we went to Pompano Racetrack. I went to purchase a program for The Meadowlands, Pompano, Miami Valley, and Yonkers at $3 per racetrack program for a total of $12!

I said, “This is absurd.” His reply was that they use the best quality paper.

What a way to kill a sport! There were new track people behind me that said they were going to play cards, no program necessary! I laughed, but this is the typical feeling that the fans and horse players do not count.

Just make a bet and listen to the most disrespectable tellers in the industry at Pompano Racetrack! Welcome to harness racing!

Clean up your house before you invite new guests!

— John Stonack / Allentown, NJ

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