HRU Feedback (2017-09-03)

Gural on Sears and Brennan

I certainly understand why Brian (Sears) and George (Brennan) decided to race at Yonkers. (full story here) I just wish they told me their plans before I invested $40 million of my own money to keep the Meadowlands open after the Gov decided to close it. Had I known, I doubt I would have taken the risk as I thought I was doing them a favor. Fortunately not all the top drivers abandoned the Meadowlands, as had they done so it would have been a disaster and for that I am truly grateful.

— Jeff Gural / owner Meadowlands Racetrack

Throw the book at them

Pennsylvania to suspend horses with positive tests

“In a rule aimed at improving integrity in the state, horses with Class 1, 2, or 3 positives or high TCO2 readings will be banned from racing in Pennsylvania for as much as 90 days.”

Integrity???? A 90-day suspension is a joke! How about a life-long ban? That is integrity, my friends. Throwing out the cheaters who ruined harness racing and left millions of dollars of gambling money on the table for years because people do not trust harness racing. How about a lifetime ban for drivers who abuse horses with the whip or kick them?

Stop with the petty suspensions and fines for horse abuse. ZERO TOLERANCE for any horse abuse is INTEGRITY, my friends.

Stop with the wrist slapping and make a statement to the industry that no driver or trainer is above the rules.

— John Esposito / Fans for the Integrity of Harness Racing

Why no violation?

I just can’t let this go. Why was no violation called at The Meadows on Aug. 18, race 4, and, why was this ignored by your publication? Tim Tetrick was driving Huntsville in the race against Fear The Dragon. During the last 3/8ths Huntsville went inside five pylons by my count and not a mention anywhere. Considering the valid concerns about integrity in the sport, I just don’t get it!

— Jim Kuhner / Delray Beach, FL

Editor’s note: After reviewing the replay, it does appear that Huntsville goes inside at least three pylons, and, perhaps, four. A quick search of the racing rulings on the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission website does not, at press time, show a violation by Tetrick for the race in question.