Hollywood’s Hits: Ten tough trivia questions

May 21, 2017

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by Bob Heyden

1. Who was the first ever Triple Crown winning horse to have two different drivers?

2. In the 1989 dead heat Hambletonian, who was the only driver of the 11 entered who either did not have a prior Hambletonian win, nor would win one later on?

3. In 2007, the first crop of Andover Hall appeared and he won both the Hambletonian and the Hambletonian Oaks. Can you name the first four post positions in the Hambletonian — all by offspring of Andover Hall?

4. Only July 1, 1994, the very first claimer to better the 1:50 barrier won. He was driven by Jack Moiseyev and trained by James Mullin. Who was he?

5. Roy Marohn has been competing in the amateurs at the Meadowlands. Can you recall whom he drove to victory locally all the way back in 1980?

6. McCluckey dead-heated with Magic Lobell in the 1991 Yonkers Trot. McCluckey had a six-for-seven record going into that day with five different winning drivers. Can you name them?

7. He was the first driver north of 60 years of age to win a race with a horse in sub 1:50. (HINT-the horse was the favorite in the North America Cup)

8. Del Miller debuted in the 1946 Hambletonian. Forty-six years later, he finished up at the Meadowlands in the Hambletonian as the trainer of a colt. Which colt gave Miller his swan song?

9. Art Major, in 2003 and his own sire Artsplace, in 1992, both went periods that, despite their excellence, with a revolving list of drivers. Who was the only common driver on both during this merry-go-round?

10. In the past quarter century, can you name the Triple Crown race winner who did not win another race all year?


1. Romeo Hanover in 1966 was driven by William Myers and George Sholty

2. Berndt Lindstedt. He drove Demilo Hanover (eighth and sixth). Lindstedt’s barn won the Hambletonian the year before with Armbro Goal, but Jan Johnson trained and John Campbell drove. The other 10 drivers had 20 Hambletonians between them when all was said and done: John Campbell (drove Peace Cops that year and has six Hambletonians); Bill O’Donnell (Egyptian Gentleman, one); Mike Lachance (Bon Vivant, four); Ron Waples (Park Avenue Joe, one); Billy Fahy (Probe, one); Tommy Haughton (one); Ben Webster (one); Howard Beissinger (three); George Sholty (one) and Jimmy Takter (one driving).

3. Don’t Blink Twice, Donato Hanover, Adrian Chip and Pampered Princess

4. New Bucks, a son of Nihilator, won in 1:49.3 in this $50,000 claiming handicap.

5. Sabalist.

6. Joe Holloway, John Campbell, Jack Moiseyev, Mike Lachance and Wally Hennessey.

7. Dick Stilling with Georgia Pacific in 1:49.3.

8. Tarport Mark, who just the week before shocked the Meadowlands faithful with a 61-1 win with Dick Stillings at the controls in a three-year-old open.

9. John Campbell.

10. In 2006, Palone Ranger won the Messenger for Greg Peck. Palone Ranger was one-for-nine on the year for better than $336,000.

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