Gural Forced to Withdraw Yearlings From Lexington Sale

Horses at Jeff and Paula Gural’s Allerage Farms have come down with the equine herpes virus known as EHV4. With some of the Allerage horses stricken by the virus, all of Gural’s horses have been placed in quarantine and will not be released before the Lexington sale. Gural was set to sell 14 horses at Lexington, and now all have been withdrawn.

When reached by HRU yesterday, Gural said he was not sure what he would do now with the yearlings and did not know if they could somehow be added to the catalogue at Harrisburg.

“Here I had a great week, owning and breeding winners of the New York sire stakes finals at Yonkers and now this,” Gural said. “It just goes to show you that good luck in this sport can come and go.”