No Longer Cast Offs, In The Arsenal and Betting Exchange Seek Rooney Win

This business of buying yearlings, it’s a funny game. Sometimes they look great, have an impeccable pedigree and go for seven figures and it turns out they’re slower than a slug. And sometimes they go through the sales ring, unwanted, cast aside and already labeled as sure-fire bums and they turn out to be sensational on the racetrack. No one can figure out why it happens that way.

The connections behind In the Arsenal and Betting Exchange, two horses who definitely fell through the cracks at the 2013 Harrisburg yearling sale, don’t have the answers to why some yearlings turn to gold and some to dust. But they’re not going to worry about it. Right now, all they’re focused on is winning the $380,000 Rooney tomorrow night at Yonkers with horses that were plucked out of the proverbial yearling trash bin.