Tough finish and upset winner at Vincennes

by Thomas Hedlund

The older elite trotters battled on Saturday (Apr. 5) in Vincennes’ $130,000 Prix Kerjacques over 2,700 meters and the race’s ending developed into a spectacular battle with three horses with a chance for victory.

Favorite Hussard du Landret, who had a great winter meeting in Paris, came to the lead midway into the race and he got company on the outside from Gamay de Liton, while Usain Töll (Googoo Gaagaa) found a spot second over.

Attacks were made three wide from several horses on the back stretch and Hooker Berry got, at first, perfect cover from Elie de Beaufour. But in the last turn, Elie de Beaufour’s power was empty which resulted in a short moment of interference for Hooker Berry. Nicolas Bazire had to attack four wide in the turn and when Hussard du Landret gave up on the lead at the same time, Gamay de Liton got the advantage.

Usain Töll from second over was served the very best of trips by Benjamin Rochard. Rochard opted to stay two wide in the last turn and he never had to spend extra meters when Hooker Berry’s path to the stretch was the opposite of Usain Töll’s. 

This proved to be decisive for the race’s outcome. Gamay de Liton was challenged by Usain Töll down the stretch, while Hooker Berry found his speed again too late, but closed the gap to the two front horses very quickly. Usain Töll managed to disarm Gamay de Liton and Hooker Berry’s hopes for the win was spoiled in the last turn. It was a close call when Usain Töll put his nose in front and won in a mile rate of 1:54.2 over 1.6 miles.

Replay here.


Philippe Allaire trained Hohneck will try to defend his title in Elitloppet 2024. The French-bred trotter was invited to Solvalla last week and with horses like Idao de Tillard, Francesco Zet and Joviality already invited, this year’s mile race looks to be something very special.

Solvalla’s sports general Anders Malmrot visited the V75-broadcast on Saturday (Apr. 5) afternoon with a pink ticket in his inner pocket.

The fifth horse invited to Elitloppet is A Fair Day, the 5-year-old, trained by an amateur in Sweden.

Information on this year’s Elitloppet can be found here.


The first qualification for the Paralympiatravet at Åby was held at Åby racetrack on Saturday (April 5) afternoon and Per Nordström’s Önas Prince (Chocolatier) was the heavy favorite for the win.

When only eight trotters trying to qualify for the $320,000 Paralympiatravet on May 4, it’s a sign of something not seen in the sport in Sweden. Sure, the winter has been long, but there still ought to be full fields of horses trying to grab a spot in a classic race like the Paralympiatravet.

Önas Prince started from post ٨ behind the car and after a safe win in his ٢٠٢٤ debut, he was the natural favorite among considerably less merited opponents.

But even if Önas Prince is known as one of the quickest openers in the sport, he had to settle into position first over since Kagan held the lead from post 1. The race was fired up directly with a speedy first quarter with Kagan in front and the favorite on the outside.

As it turned out, Önas Prince proved best in the stretch and he impressed in a mile rate of 1:55.3 over 1.3 miles.

Önas Prince is now ready for the Paralympiatravet on May 4.