You can’t name a horse Ruffian

Friday night (Sept. 1) at The Meadowlands in the second race there was a horse named Ruffian. I had to look twice. Now I don’t want to complain, but you can’t name a horse Ruffian!

There was only one Ruffian and it should stay that way. I thought that racing commission wouldn’t re-used a famous name. Maybe because it’s standardbreds and thoroughbreds.

Maybe the connections loved Ruffian and this was a tribute to her, but you can’t name a horse Ruffian!

She is a unique masterpiece, like the Mona Lisa. You can’t repaint that. You just file it in your mind and go from there. She was a champ. There was never anything posted on her running lines but #1. She was the best and should stay that way. She was a flesh and blood Di Vinci.

Bill Hartenstine / Farmingdale, NY