You make the call

Unfortunately, horse racing in general, harness racing in particular has been in a back-slide since the days of Sam Bergsten and Roosevelt Raceway, you know when integrity was of paramount importance. What we are left with is a sport that is money driven. Of course, there are a few rays of light but darkness seems imminent.

I bring you today a prime example of believe what I say and not what your lying eyes see. Today’s example should make you gamble more carefully and selectively. Today is December 24 and that means only a handful of tracks are racing. Perhaps it also means less competition for our betting dollars and puts the tracks in a position of take it or leave it. Well I’m going to let you make the call: Turn to Harrah’s Philadelphia racetrack, turn to race 13 ( and tell me you agree with the call of the favorite #1 beating the #7 horse.

Keep in mind that in addition to judges at the track there is a state paid overseer agreeing with judges. So this is the system you’re up against. The question is whether it’s too late to fix the system ? So, you make the call, you be the judge but be mindful that you are always playing someone else’s game.

David Perry / Dearborn, MI