Cameo Hills has seven stunners selling opening night

by Dave Briggs

Steve Jones of Cameo Hills said all seven of the farm’s first-night yearlings are designed for success.

“We’re selling seven on opening night and I’m not selling anything opening night that we’re not pretty proud of,” Jones said. “We’ve got the first foal out of Hey Blondie, a Walner filly (hip 35 – Blonde Bombshell) that’s a beautiful filly. Very correct and a lot of pedigree. Same with the sister to King Of The North (hip 36, Check Her Out).

“We’re also selling a Chapter Seven filly out of a daughter to Check Me Out (hip 72, Instagram Model) that’s a big, good-looking filly. A lot of the Chapter Sevens are kind of plain-looking horses, but she’s not. She’s big and beautiful.

“The three trotting fillies that we are selling opening night, I can’t imagine that they won’t be well-received… They’ve all got pedigree and they’ve all got looks. Different people like different ones, so I can’t tell which one is the best, but I think they’ll all be well-liked by the buyers.”

Cameo Hills is selling 29 yearlings in all. As for pacers, the farm is selling, “the first foal out of Come See The Show (hip 42, Stop The Show). That’s a great filly family and it’s a beautiful filly, first foal out of the dam and a Sweet Lou filly.

“I’ve got an American Ideal brother to Captaintreacherous, hip 9 (Johnny Sack). This spring I thought, ‘Ah, he’s okay. He’s not great, he’s okay’ and he’s one of those ones that between April and now, it’s like ‘Oh my God…’ he’s a beautiful colt.

“There’s also a Stay Hungry colt out of Big Mcdeal (hip 27, Hungry Man) that’s the same way. He’s very correct and nice-looking.

Jones stands Huntsville at Cameo Hills in Montgomery, NY and has been very pleased with that stallion’s first crop that are at the races now.

“I’m very happy with where he’s at as a stallion. I’ve got one Huntsville colt that I really like, hip 228 (Karinchak) out of a mare that’s the Galleria family. It’s a nice page and a beautiful colt. I’m also selling a Huntsville filly opening night out of a daughter of Glowing Report, hip 1 (Wet Your Whistle) and she’s as nice looking as any filly that I have in the sale.”


As for a value pick, Jones likes one of his Huntsville fillies.

“Probably the filly that moves as well as any of them out in the field — and she’s a nice individual, medium-sized — would be hip 311 (At The Hop), a Huntsville filly out of Robin J. That’s the first foal of a nice family. I kind of like that filly. That would be the one if I’m looking for a diamond in the rough,” Jones said.