HRU Feedback (2020-05-24)

Questions for consideration

After all the indictments and being aware that the Feds are now watching I find thoroughbred racing is unwatchable and un-bet-able. There is no handicapping that works, nothing but longshots so why would we want to flip coins with real dollars? Sure right now the tracks are happy, but soon the real customers, the ones that handicap and bet their dollars will tire of the longshot bologna and all the huge payoff Pick 6 and million-dollar pool inducements won’t work on the working stiffs out there. So, if this is a sign of things to come once harness racing starts up there are many of us that may go in another direction for entertainment.

As I look at harness racing vs. thoroughbred racing’s return I see a big difference in some barns ability to get their charges ready. That advantage is that many of the biggest outfits have their own tracks. In theory, this advantage will continue until about five weeks so, again in theory, we should see short odds favorite disproportionately winning for this period. Thus, if you got tired of the longshot nonsense with the thoroughbreds you will tire quickly of the short-odds winners in the harness arena. I don’t see any way to minimize the home-field advantage.

I would be interested in Hollywood Hayden’s take on this perspective. He always seems like he’s got his finger on the pulse of the racing community.

—David Perry / Dearborn, MI

RE: Frank Cotolo’s most recent Alternative Actions column

(full story here)

Let’s be real, Frank. Your piece did offer some good ideas, but does anyone really believe that any of this will happen? I am betting on business as usual, which means high takeouts, beg the governor for help and maybe a few crappy promos like $1 hot dogs and free popcorn. I hope I am wrong.

—David Haaker / Livingston NJ