HRU Feedback (2020-05-03)

Loved the Ray Schnittker interview

I loved seeing Ray (Schnittker) and Heather (Vitale) (replay here), best video ever. I like seeing Ray’s thoughts on harness racing. He doesn’t really worry about kissing the right ass.

—Mark Behl / Aiken, SC

Schnittker’s beer drinking a distraction

I enjoyed the frankness of the overall interview with Ray Schnittker, but the three cans of Bud Light were a major distraction. My thoughts are the interview should be with a relaxed atmosphere, but with some guidelines in place. The beer seems to affect the credibility of the whole process. It would be difficult to imagine such an interview with D. Wayne Lucas or the late Billy Haughton. Respectfully submitted.

—Dave Pitts / West Chester, PA

Kay responds to Gurfein

Mr. Gurfein, thank you for mentioning my comment in the latest edition of HRU (full story here). Unfortunately, although you categorized me as a chronic complainer, you did not refer to the specifics of my concern about racing a 2-year-old. My opinion is based on the science of the matter. Such experts as Dr. Deb Bennett, PhD, a widely known and respected authority on the physical development of the equine has said, and I quote, “the training and racing of two years olds is a recipe for disaster,” and Dr. Bennett backs this up with clear and convincing science. To ignore the science because, as you put it, “the harness horse is a hale and hearty breed,” advances no legitimate argument at all. Thanks for reading this.

—Gary Kay / Attorney / CPA / thoroughbred licensed trainer / harness owner / licensed NJ off-track farm owner