HRU Feedback (2019-03-17)

We have to make horses and humans come together

You’re probably already familiar with the issue. Okay, P-4 is only literally half a disaster in waiting — still: it’s no pleasure to be at the track when the announcer calls “and they’re off” and you turn your eyes to the track and all you see is a — tractor… Of course, 10 minutes intervals are perfect when watching the Pick-8 from the comfort of your recliner. The commercials will be over by the time you’re back from the kitchen getting another beer, coffee, pizza slice. Only, few new horse owners, let alone breeders, were recruited via television. Being in attendance means joining company, indulging in peer repetta of scoring a longshot banker instead of the blase reaction of the family’s dog since the dog knows only too well what’s coming when, in the eight race, you missed the winner. What’s needed is we have to make humans and horses come together again, rediscover the beauty and enigma of the animal. Street racing along (your) Fifth Avenue, along iced-over city canals, meetings and greetings across spieces at shopping malls. Prophet and mountain…

— Ulf Lindstrom / Stockholm