Fourteen 3-year-olds to race in high stake Italian Derby

by Thomas Hedlund

The $1,167,873 Italian Derby is scheduled for this afternoon (Sept. 23) at Agnano racetrack in Naples over 2,100 metres (approximately 1.3 miles).

Alessandro Gocciadoro, who has had great success in several big races in Europe the last two seasons, is dominating the race with four 3-year-olds behind the gate.

Gocciadoro is set to drive Zidane Grif (Varenne) and will most probably be the bettor’s choice in the Derby.

Horse (Sire) – Driver (Trainer)

1. Zlatan (Napoleon Bar) – Giampaolo Minnucci (Alessandro Gocciadoro)
2. Zilath (Maharajah) – Andrea Guzzinati
3. Zidane Grif (Ready Cash) – Alessandro Gocciadoro
4. Zefir Gar (Varenne) – Mario Minopoli Jr (Team Minopoli)
5. Zaccaria Bar (Ready Cash) – Enrico Bellei (Erik Bondo)
6. Zabul Fi (Ganymede) – Andrea Farolfi (Mauro Baroncini)
7. Zirkuss (Varenne) – Roberto Andreghetti (Edoardo Moni)
8. Zen Bi (Toss Out) – Antonio di Nardo (Alessandro Gocciadoro)
9. Zelig Jet (Ken Warkentin) – Pietro Gubellini (Massimo Finetti)
10. Zarenne Fas (Varenne) – Roberto Vecchione (Team Minopoli)
11. Ze’ Maria (Muscle Hill) – Rene’ Legati (Alessandro Gocciadoro)
12. Zefiro Bell (Nad Al Sheba) – Vincenzo P Dell’Annunziata (Gennaro Casillo)
13. Zibibbio Mdm (Ideale Luis) – Vincenzo Luongo (Ferruccio Capanna)
14. Zigolo de Buty (Napoleon) – Andrea Baveresi

Ringostarr Treb in comeback

Ringostarr Treb (Classic Photo), has been away from the racetracks since he won the final of Elitloppet at Solvalla in the end of May this year, but next Wednesday, the 8-year-old trotter from Jerry Riordan’s stable will make his re-entry.

Ringostarr Treb will make this start as a preparation for the International Trot at Yonkers Raceway on Oct. 13, where he will race for Italy.

European horses set for Yonkers International Trot

Cruzado dela Noche (Sweden)
Pastore Bob (Sweden)
Slide So Easy (Denmark)
Lionel (Norway)
Up And Quick (France)
Dreamoko (The Netherlands)

Arazi Boko (Italy)
Ringostarr Treb (Italy)