HRU Feedback (2017-12-22)

Post position disadvantage

Outside post positions are a tremendous disadvantage. If you are counting on income from a very small stable, a bad run of high numbers can be traumatic. But why does it have to be that way? In overnight races where post positions are not assigned, it seems like a relatively simple matter to make sure a horse does not draw an outside post in consecutive starts. On a half-mile track, any horse that has had position 7 or 8 previously, should be allowed to draw only from numbers 1 through 6. On a five eighths track we could let any horse who had posts 8 or 9 previously to draw only from numbers 1 through 6 this time. And how about adjusting the wings of the gate to give those outside positions more of a break? More competitive races would be, “better for the bettor” as John Berry would say.

— Jerry White / Boynton Beach, FL