Buzzy Sholty responds

April 16, 2017

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(Editor’s note: This letter from trainer Buzzy Sholty is in response to an HRU story on page 6 of the April 14 edition (full edition here) indicating that the Meadowlands is no longer accepting his entries following a win on April 8 with a pacer named Brickman)

My name is George “Buzzy” Sholty. I’ve been racing, training, shoeing and grooming standardbred racehorses for last 34 years.

As my father always said “ Horse’s care and health comes first. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.” There are 21 horses currently in my care.

On March 24, I was asked to take a horse named “Brickman” to train and I accepted. Brickman raced on March 26, at Pocono for his previous trainer. No check was earned and later that night he was dropped off at my barn.

On March 27, his blood “chemistry” report was taken. His “AST” was 793 and “CK” was 3319 which indicated “tying up.” It also showed high protein (indicating dehydration) and low Iron level (possible ulcers). On March 28, his blood “CBC” was ran and showed high White Blood Cell count of 11 (indicating infection) and high Neutrophil differential of 7.90 (sickness).

Brickman immediately was given Baytril (antibiotic) and Garstroguard purchased from my veterinarian. He was given 5 Liters of fluids a day for the next four days. I also purchased two tubes of Marquee from Dr. Zin to help with his gate behind.

On April 4, I trained Brickman in 1:58 in the middle of the track. His blood was pulled the next morning and showed all normal range numbers. This made me feel I was going in the right direction. I raced him at the Meadowlands on April 8 in a seven-horse field from the three hole with David Miller. He won by less than one inch as a co-favourite.

In your article you failed to mention that Brickman was a fast closing third at Meadowlands, in the same class, for his previous trainer on an “OFF track” two weeks earlier.

In the Meadowlands investigation neither Steve Demeter (owner), Dr. Zin (veterinarian), nor myself (trainer) were ever contacted by anyone associated with the Meadowlands.

I’m very proud of my barn and my training program. We feed the best products and supplements as well as use every approved therapy for our horses with no cost reservations toward the benefit of health for each individual animal. I personally administer any and all treatments and therapies to every horse I train and race and thus am positive that they are getting everything they need and nothing that could endanger their or my career.

In a previous conversation with Mr. Gural and his management I offered an “open door” to test any of my horse at any time and an invitation to visit my barn, which I still remain committed to.

Copies of Brickman’s lab blood reports have been sent to HRU and Brice Cote. These copies are also available for anyone interested in looking at them (page 1 | page 2 | page 3).

— Buzzy Sholty

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