The Trot Harness Racing Survey: Give Us Value For Our Betting Dollars & We Will Patronize the Sport

*** The results from Trot Magazine’s spring Horseplayer Survey mirror the Horseplayer Association of North America harness racing survey several years earlier. It’s all about value, and it’s always been about value ***

This spring, the fine folks at Trot Magazine asked over 300 horseplayers a set of questions relating to harness racing. In general the main focus was what they liked, what they disliked, and what they think harness racing could do better for them as customers. With horse racing so concentrated on race date fights, slot machines, foal crops, and everything else on the supply side, it’s nice to hear from the people who support the purses with their hard-earned dollars once in a while. The respondents were a pretty good representative sample, too, with the following characteristics:

— Almost 7 in ten played the harness races at least once a week.
— Six in ten played over $50 each racing day.
— Four in ten wagered over $500 each month.