At Crawford Farms, the Goals are Growth, Excellence

DURHAMVILLE, NY – It’s hard to hear Michelle Crawford at times. It’s not that she talks softly, it’s that the din of hammers, Bobcats and power saws could drown out anyone. The noise is a constant and somewhat annoying backdrop at Crawford Farms, but a small price to pay when you have a vision, the resources to make it happen and a dream of being one of the top breeders in standardbred racing.

If you’ve come here to hear the constant drumbeat of negativity, pessimism and complacency that seems a part of the fabric of the sport of harness racing, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is a place where they look toward the future with hope and optimism, a place that is committed to making the sport better and more visible, a place where the mantra is that determination is a powerful force.

“I love horses and I’ve fallen in love with this sport,” Crawford said, succinctly explaining why she is the way she is.