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Raceways will thrive with renewed local presence appreciated

By Frank Cotolo / October 21, 2020

The power of decisions paves a path to profits

By Frank Cotolo / October 8, 2020

Creating a Zoom Room to grow raceways’ virtual betting audience

By Frank Cotolo / September 16, 2020

The ultimate hybrid of two great games of skill and chance

By Frank Cotolo / August 16, 2020

Betting races on Hambletonian Day equals the value of your opinions

By Frank Cotolo / August 7, 2020

Meadowlands Pace program should not change strict profit motives

By Frank Cotolo / July 17, 2020

Bradley and Bachrad lead long list of name-dedicated races

By Frank Cotolo / July 5, 2020

Release the Quinellas

By Frank Cotolo / June 14, 2020

Return to betting poised to profit

By Frank Cotolo / May 29, 2020

When harness racing returns, the public deserves a monetary welcome

By Frank Cotolo / May 22, 2020

The ultimate questionnaire for bettors

By Frank Cotolo / April 5, 2020

Handicappers in quarantine may still be productive

By Frank Cotolo / March 27, 2020

Tracks beware: bettors are impatient between the bets

By Frank Cotolo / March 6, 2020

The Grind, part two

By Frank Cotolo / February 2, 2020

The Grind, part one

By Frank Cotolo / January 24, 2020

Go rogue outside of the box: Part 2 – paving the money trail

By Frank Cotolo / January 12, 2020

Go rogue; think beyond “outside of the box” for track promotions

By Frank Cotolo / December 22, 2019

Accountable bettors and their never-ending season

By Frank Cotolo / December 13, 2019

Part three: Summing up the value of promo events for bettors to increase business

By Frank Cotolo / November 17, 2019

Warrawee Ubeaut scores second Breeders Crown victory

By Frank Cotolo / October 27, 2019

Bettors’ behavior under the Breeders Crown big top

By Frank Cotolo / October 25, 2019

Part two: involve bettors to participate in all events with rewards to increase business

By Frank Cotolo / October 13, 2019

Embrace the unpredictable with leaps of faith for better paying winners

By Frank Cotolo / October 3, 2019

Creative tournaments for patrons: involve bettors in special events with rewards to increase business, part one

By Frank Cotolo / September 15, 2019

Woodbine Mohawk Park stakes test the unbearable lightness of handicapping subjectively

By Frank Cotolo / August 29, 2019