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Where’s the “Kentucky Downs” harness meet?

By Dean Towers / September 17, 2022

The Spa Experience

By Dean Towers / August 28, 2022

Hambletonian Day, as it happened

By Dean Towers / August 7, 2022

An idea to broaden the ownership tent

By Dean Towers / July 24, 2022

Fighting against harness racing’s status quo

By Dean Towers / July 5, 2022

The importance of strong institutions

By Dean Towers / June 19, 2022

The “Battle of the Handicappers,” with track execs

By Dean Towers / June 2, 2022

Racing the Rockefeller way

By Dean Towers / May 19, 2022

Do GSY races at the Big M breed multi-leg value or are they a handle killer?

By Dean Towers / May 1, 2022

Are fixed odds a rocky road or a money maker?

By Dean Towers / April 15, 2022

Australia proves that expanded gambling reach and a better wagering game grows the pie

By Dean Towers / March 27, 2022

A lot of change in racing doesn’t happen by committee

By Dean Towers / March 11, 2022

How 21st century marketing works

By Dean Towers / February 26, 2022

If the labs don’t catch the cheaters, call Joe Friday

By Dean Towers / February 11, 2022

The horse racing customer tells you what they’re thinking

By Dean Towers / January 28, 2022

Four wishes for harness racing in 2022

By Dean Towers / January 8, 2022

Three ways racing can get noticed in the shared wallet sports betting world

By Dean Towers / December 17, 2021

As sports betting evolves, harness racing must create its own niche

By Dean Towers / December 12, 2021

Hire wagering experts to mind the store

By Dean Towers / November 21, 2021

Breeders Crown races lacked excitement

By Dean Towers / November 3, 2021

Can excitement be injected into the sport?

By Dean Towers / October 17, 2021

Late odds changes in harness racing are no easy fix

By Dean Towers / October 7, 2021

A stakes year straight out of Bizarro World

By Dean Towers / October 3, 2021

Formula 1’s recent growth proves old sports can learn new tricks

By Dean Towers / September 10, 2021

How former horseplayer Garett Skiba won $1 million betting golf

By Dean Towers / August 27, 2021