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Fourth-generation horse person Dawn Gray continues her dad’s legacy

By Chris Lomon / May 28, 2023

Trainer Oscar Johnson Jr. goes from being a Titan in the NFL to one on the track

By Chris Lomon / May 19, 2023

Fourth generation horsewoman Maggie Copp on balancing racing and high school

By Chris Lomon / May 12, 2023

Trainer Domenic Longobardi quit his day job thanks to George Ducharme

By Chris Lomon / May 5, 2023

For trainer Chris Petrelli, a shuffle off to Buffalo was a winning move

By Chris Lomon / April 28, 2023

Alyssa Cummings continues to nurse her love of harness racing

By Chris Lomon / April 21, 2023

Kubilay Erzene has a burning desire to succeed in harness racing

By Chris Lomon / April 16, 2023

Once Paige Usiak found harness racing all she wanted to do was share it with everyone

By Chris Lomon / April 9, 2023

For Michaela Hemmes all that glitters is black and gold

By Chris Lomon / March 31, 2023

Good advice has taught Lauren Harmon to be patient

By Chris Lomon / March 24, 2023

Working at Wal-Mart, Lily Cimino got sold on harness racing

By Chris Lomon / March 17, 2023

Trevor Williams wants equal success for himself and Manitoba

By Chris Lomon / March 12, 2023

Inspirational words keep third generation horseman Zackary Gray committed to the business

By Chris Lomon / March 3, 2023

Things going swimmingly at Saratoga for trainer/owner Meg Reynolds

By Chris Lomon / February 24, 2023

Haley Farken is finding her stride in harness racing

By Chris Lomon / February 19, 2023

Travis Ellis’ career takes flight after a short layover

By Chris Lomon / February 10, 2023

Caretaker Robert Predmore proves sometimes you can choose your family

By Chris Lomon / February 3, 2023

Elson Miller has never put the cart before the horse

By Chris Lomon / January 27, 2023

James Day is taking it day by day

By Chris Lomon / January 20, 2023

Alberta’s Kelly Crump on trying to improve on his terrific second season as a trainer

By Chris Lomon / January 13, 2023

Ohio-based caretaker Steve Gibson feels lucky to work with horses

By Chris Lomon / January 6, 2023

Ohio horseman Hank LeVan reflects on his career year

By Chris Lomon / December 29, 2022

Skylar Tabron on his quiet success in his first year of training

By Chris Lomon / December 22, 2022

Kolton Hauser proud to be a fifth-generation horseman

By Chris Lomon / December 15, 2022

Maritimer Haley Cameron is grateful for what the sport has afforded her

By Chris Lomon / December 8, 2022
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